Maggi and Jack standing on the back side of water.  (at Westlake Center)
#BruceLee and #BrandonLee (at Lake View Cemetery (Seattle))

A day in Seattle. (at Westlake Center)

Hammer in the morning, hammer in the noon time…. You get the idea. #Hammer #Seattle

My little girl turns four today. I love her so much and she makes me so happy. Happy birthday Natalie.
Just some of my personal favorite moments with #RobbinWilliams. He will be missed.

Aunt Danielle and Aunt Desiree play tag with the kids.

at Caves of Moria
#TraderJoes #BlockOfWine #Australia #Chardonnay Not too bad, and a good price.
My parents are currently in Montana. Soon, they will be here in Seattle with us. Yay!