We found a beautiful river yesterday. Well, this flows into a large river. The sound of rushing water is simply the best.
And Harry Henderson.
No Viggo, but we did find Big Foot. #captainfantastic
Beautiful mountains, rivers, streams, waterfalls, and day. In search of the illusive Viggo. #captainfantastic
Some of the Cascades.  (at Index, Washington)

Jack and Maggi having fun, while Natalie thinks, “What a crazy family I have.” (at Silver Lake Park)

Jack plays with rocks and a cup at the beach. Easily entertained while I enjoy the beautiful day.  (at Mukilteo Lighthouse & Beach)
Beautiful day at the beach at 72°.  (at Mukilteo Lighthouse & Beach)
We went to a petting zoo today. I posted a video on Facebook of Jack digging to let the pigs out.  (at Forest Park Petting Zoo)
Sunset at a very nice Seattle beach. Fire pits, fine sand, volleyball nets, grass, playground, and more.  (at Golden Gardens Park)